Care Teams


       The Session has given its blessing to the creation of “Care Teams” at FPC!

Effective February 1, 2017, all congregants have been assigned to one of our new Care Teams. Each team is under the skilled leadership of a congregation member selected by the Congregational Care Team Committee and approved by Session.

The purpose of the Care Team is to promote and support the church family within our congregation. This will include:

  • Providing communication in emergency situations and changes in plans
  • Be a point of contact in times of natural disasters
  • Provide assistance (meals, transportation, light repairs, etc.) in times of need
  • Check in with its members for general well-being

Please contact the church or your care team leader with any concerns or needs.

Team Leaders are:

  • Lynn Smith
  • Joan Hyatt
  • Mary Nelson
  • Carolyn Nelson-Becker
  • Ginny Niebuhr
  • Anne Woodson
  • Elizabeth Godbehere
  • Mandy Rider