Outreach Grants

2023 Outreach Grant Important Dates

June 16Letters of Intent (LOI) due electronically. We are asking interested applicants to use this form. Applicants will be notified approximately 2 weeks later regarding whether a full grant proposal will be requested.
July 21Full grant proposals will be due.
August 31Applicants will be notified regarding funding decisions.

Background Information

The First Presbyterian Church has designated that certain portions of the income derived from its trust funds be allocated to outreach initiatives. These funds are to be administered by the Mission Ministry and approved by the governing board of the church, the Session.

The Mission of this project is guided by the scriptural reference in Matthew 25: 35-40.

Below are several important guidelines that will guide the Outreach Grant Fund Committee of the Mission Ministry in determining which proposals are funded and to what extent.


Projects that WILL BE GIVEN PRIORITY are of two types:

  1. Support for long-term projects that strive to respond to basic life needs of those who reside on Galveston Island.  
  2. Projects that address gaps in social services not provided by other Galveston County agencies.

Although we are always looking for new project ideas that address needs in the Galveston community, we will now accept grant submissions for project activities that have previously been funded. Additional changes have been made so that an agency may continue to apply for funding for unlimited years. However, it is important to note that prior grant approval does not guarantee future approvals.

Projects that WILL NOT be considered for funding:

  • Support of secular arts/entertainment
  • Grants to individuals
  • Scholarships

Location of fundable projects

All Galveston County based agencies are eligible, however we ask that the project serve Galveston Island residents.

Duration of fundable projects

Funds are allocated for only one year at a time.


Preference will be given to proposals for which outcomes are clearly articulated and for which progress results can be provided. Interim progress reports are required 6 months after receipt of grant, and a final progress report is required 12 months after receipt of grant. 

Size of fundable projects

The total allocation for all projects is approximately $50,000.  In general, grant allocations amount to $2,000 to $5,000 each. It is the desire of the Mission Ministry to fund a number of projects. Depending on the number of worthy projects, the amount may be smaller or larger.

See a list of our 2022 Outreach Grant recipients here.