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I hope that you will join me on June 9th in saying, “Happy Birthday!” to the Church. What I mean by the Church is the Christian entity as a whole.

June 9th is Pentecost. This is the day Christians celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit upon the twelve disciples. They began speaking in the languages of the time. Peter gave the first Christian sermon. This was the day the disciples went from fear for life to a willingness to share the good news of Jesus Christ. It was this day that the Christian Church began and still lives today.

One of the things I like to ask of those attending church on Pentecost is to wear something red. Red represents the fire of the Holy Spirit, breathing new life into us. We can see that in the Pentecost story and the life of the early church. We see new life through Christian history. We are offered that fire now.

May we pray that God uses us to be agents in sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. May the Holy Spirit’s fire burn brightly in us.

Shalom, Ed