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Camp Discovery

camp discovery


Our youngest class led by Lynn Smith "gets into" painting in the Crafts Room
Our youngest class led by Lynn Smith “gets into” painting in the Crafts Room
YAY! It's almost "Music Time"
YAY! It’s almost “Music Time”
The older kids led by Wes Wolfe
Around the campfire with Stephanie. Today’s verse is “Faith is a gift of God.”
“Nutty Hollow” Drama Room complete with puppets


The whole gang singing and dancing to campfire songs


A huge thank you to all who volunteered to help in this year’s VBS. On average, 30 kids attended daily. They learned songs, listened to Bible stories, experienced drama by acting out Bible stories, created some cool craft projects, had wonderful snacks and generally had fun learning about God and His Word.
Thank you for entrusting your kids to our care for VBS. Thanks to Stephanie O’Connor who directed the week and special thanks go out to our volunteers who gave of their time to further the Kingdom of God by teaching and helping kids learn all in a fun environment.
     Lynn Smith
     Anne Woodson
     Heather Sommer
     Wes Wolfe
Assistant Teachers
     John Moran
     Golda Leonard
     Pat Bumpus
     Carrie Whittlesey
     Destiny Allen
     Lisa Marie Daugherty
     assisted by:
          Abi Wolf
          Tyler Garza
     Jennifer Salyer
     Katie Markello
     assisted by:
          Emily Anthony
     (Thanks to Bruce Niebuhr who taught knot making.)
     Eleanore Jopowicz
     Judy Biggs
Registration and “Man Friday”
     Pastor Ed Wolf
General Helpers
     Mary Beth Smith
     Charlotte Bly
     Kirsten Schwim