Chancel Choir to Participate in Saengerfest

     In 1890, Galveston received a 6.2 million dollar congressional appropriation to deepen the harbor. Deep water meant larger ships could dock at Galveston carrying more cargo and in turn, making more money for the city. To celebrate, Galveston planned the Deep Water Jubilee which included six months of celebratory events including banquets, oyster roasts, Mardi Gras balls, parades, and a visit from the President of the United States. Galveston also included the 1891 Saengerfest in the Jubilee. Saengerfest, literally translating as “singer festival,” was a multi-day series of concerts performed by German singing groups from all over Texas. The first Saengerfest was held in the 1850s, and after the Civil War it occurred every two years in different cities throughout the state.
     Galveston Historical Foundation plans to commemorate the 1891 Saengerfest held in Galveston by hosting a choral music concert at our 1859 German Catholic Church, St Joseph’s Church (Ave K and 22nd Street), on April 2nd at 2pm. FPC’s Chancel Choir will join with Moody Methodist’s Chancel Choir and other community singers to form a mass choir, singing pieces of German composers. Come join us for an afternoon of beautiful music and join with us in the final piece – a sing-along of Handel’s “Hallelujah” from Messiah.

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